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All the addresses of eco-responsible hotels in Croatia

All the addresses of eco-friendly hotels in Croatia

Bordered by the Adriatic Sea and nestled behind the Alps, Croatia guarantees a memorable trip. From the Plitvice Lakes to Split, this Balkan country will never stop surprising you. Discover a country with intact traditions and rich in culture, its inhabitants will make you taste the sweetness of the Croatian life. Away from the seaside resorts, try ecotourism in Croatia in the less frequented lands of the country or admire the nature of the best preserved islands. You will discover a pearl of the Adriatic, rich in natural parks and favorable to green tourism.  Choose from our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Croatia and fall under the natural charm of the country.

Sustainable tourism in Croatia 

20.7 million international tourists visited Croatia in 2019. Every year, the country breaks a record for visitors. To date, Croatia is the 12th most visited country in the world. The country of the thousand islands enjoys a favorable location for tourism. With its 6000km of coastline along the Adriatic Sea, it is easy to access the country from Western and Eastern Europe. Add to that a calm sea and mild climate, vibrant cities and a dozen national parks, and Croatia deserves the attention it gets.

But travelers tend to congregate in the same resorts, especially in Dalmatia. Consequences: the country suffers more and more from mass tourism and the Croatians try to get out of it. The country sees local initiatives for the protection of its environment flourish. It even awards the sustainable tourism prize each year to those who are involved in the cause. Thus, the city of Dubrovnik, victim of its success since the filming of the Game of Throne series in its ramparts, has decided to limit the arrival of cruise ships.

Croatia is increasingly committed to eco-friendly tourism. It now has eleven protected natural parks and eight national parks. While some parks, such as the Medvednica Nature Park, have developed hiking and biking trails especially for tourists, others claim a more authentic nature. This is the case of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Go in search of the 250 species of birds that inhabit the marshy area before exploring into the forest area.

With Zagreb accessible in 18 hours by train from Paris, or ten hours by road from Lyon, return to Croatia while reducing your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly hotels in Croatia 

Our tourist establishments in Croatia invite you to immerse yourself in the Croatian tradition. Soak up the country's history in a 250 year old building in the heart of the Stries and enjoy a rural setting close to the sea off the beaten track. Why not try your hand at local gastronomy by taking cooking classes on site?

You don't want to miss out on the must-sees? Head to Dubrovnik for a stay in an old villa with a modernist style. Located on the edge of a cliff, you can reach the old town in 15 minutes by walk.

Did Croatia charm you? Then book your next stay among our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Croatia!