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Ville Astypaléa

Discover Astypalea, an authentic Greek island far from mass tourism

When we talk about Greece, the first images that come to mind are the caldera of Santorini, the acropolis of Athens, the festive atmosphere of Mykonos.

janvier 11, 2023

Chateau construite en haut d'un rocher surplombant la région

What to see in the Lot ?

What to see in the Lot ? Between preserved medieval cities, astonishing caves and exceptional natural sites, the department knows how to answer all the travel desires. By bike, on foot, by train, by car : you have 1001 ways to explore it !

décembre 30, 2022


Mass tourism in Greece: 5 alternatives away from the crowds

The year 2022 promises to be a historic year for tourism in Greece. 2019 was already considered extraordinary with 18.2 billion in revenue. This year the forecasters expect 20 billion. It is therefore legitimate to ask if we can still find preserved

décembre 30, 2022

femme attendant son train

Vacation by train

Let yourself be lulled by the gentle movement of the train on the tracks, admire the landscape through the window and feel far away even before you reach your destination: this is what awaits you when you go on a train adventure.

décembre 20, 2022

Maison au toit de chaume et à l'architecture des Pailheros de Santana

The complete Madeira road trip guide

Welcome to Madeira! The island known as the Flower Island offers a palette of incredible colors and scents. Find out how to organize your road trip to Madeira: when to go, where to find eco-friendly accommodation and what to do on the island.

décembre 20, 2022

femme sous la pluie avec un parapluie

Vacations in the rain

How will you keep yourself busy on your rainy vacation? In this article, discover 7 ideas to keep smiling and enjoying your trip, even when clouds and gray skies are in the air.

novembre 22, 2022

panneaux hostel noir et blanc

Sleeping in a youth hostel

Whether you're traveling solo, as a couple or even with your family, discover 7 good reasons to sleep in a youth hostel. As a bonus, we share with you 5 addresses guaranteed to be free of bad surprises and committed to a sustainable approach!

novembre 08, 2022

personne portant un sac

Travel without a plane

Traveling without a plane is possible! It's even a way to discover Europe that promises a great adventure: you can get back in touch with distances, fully integrate the journey into your getaway and live new experiences. By night train, by bus or eve

novembre 01, 2022

soft mobility - A couple under a blue umbrella walking under trees with red autumn leaves

Autumn weekend in France: 4 exotic ideas

With your family, with your lover, for 2 or 3 days, discover 4 ideas for weekends in autumn in France. From the sunny shores of the Mediterranean to the flamboyant colors of the vineyards of Burgundy, escape to the four corners of France.

octobre 31, 2022

paysage marocain avec de la verdure

3 iconic stages of a road trip in southern Morocco

Between steep mountains, golden deserts and lush oases, Morocco offers an incredible variety of landscapes. The warm welcome of its inhabitants makes it an iconic place for the traveler in search of a change of scenery. Let yourself be carried away b

octobre 26, 2022

Venise - Grand Canal avec plusieurs gondoliers dessus

Mass tourism in Venice: discover our alternatives

When we talk about the consequences of overtourism, we immediately think of the city of the Doges. The pollution of the canals and the cruise ships that cross the city are examples among others. Numerous photos are circulating in the media to illustr

octobre 25, 2022

Anne Chéné

Photo d'une toue amarrée en bors de loire et a son bord deux vélos. De l'autre côté de la rive des maisons le long du fleuve

Carnet de Voyage des Explor'acteurs: Slow Tourism in Touraine - a weekend 10 kilometers from home!

Ah the magic of social networks! It's thanks to them that I had the chance to meet Marie from the great account Perspectives de Voyage. Marie is both a travel planner, she will be happy to organize your next trip, and a travel blogger. Seeing her reg

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Avion au sol dans une forêt entouré d'arbres

Offsetting the carbon footprint of your holiday: the solution to ease the conscience of travellers?

Who doesn’t dream of exploration? Who doesn’t want to get away from their routine for a while? Sip a cocktail on a heavenly beach under the Caribbean sun, go on an exotic road trip on the American west coast, explore the remote regions of Indonesia…

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Van orange sur une route américaine au milieu d'un canyon

How to travel in a camper van in an eco-responsible way?

Vacations in vans or motorhomes have never been so popular since the start of the health crisis because they are synonymous with regained freedom. Indeed, 11,002 new registrations of this type of vehicle were recorded in 2020. This represents an incr

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné


5 questions to the Globes Bloggers

The Globes Bloggers are the essential bloggers when it comes to sustainable tourism. When I launched Ethik Hotels, I immediately started to follow Laura and Sébastien's adventures with attention. They started sharing their travel discoveries 8 years

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Femme au cheveux long blond de dos habilée d'un jean et une chemise bleue. Elle est sur un chemin de terre entouré de champs avec une petite valise à la main

Weekend without a car: 10 ideas to get away in France and Europe

After a week of hard work at the office, there's nothing like a weekend away to recharge your batteries! Whether you're concerned about your carbon footprint, want to leave your car in the garage for the weekend or don't have a driving license, we've

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Porte ouest pour entrer sur le site Angkor. Un chemin en terre battue et entouré d'arbres passe en dessous. La porte est soutenue par des échafaudage car en cours de rénovation et sur le dessus on voit distinctement les visages

Discover Cambodia differently, far from mass tourism

Few destinations are as authentic as Cambodia. World famous thanks to the archaeological site of Angkor, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, the country offers its visitors a multitude of opportunities to awaken their senses. With

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné


An eco-responsible weekend in Hyères, it's possible!

As winter was coming, we felt the need to prolong the nice days before the cold weather. We regularly heard good things about the Toulon area but going there in the summer when the streets and beaches are crowded, very little for us. We don't particu

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Cargo chargé de conteneurs le long d'une côte rocheuse couverte de sapins

The complete guide to cargo travel: an unusual and unforgettable adventure

Traveling by cargo ship is much more than a simple cruise. It means discovering a unique way of life, that of the sailors and officers who spend several months of the year traveling the globe by sea. It is also to choose to find oneself face to face

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Photo du batiment de la Fontaccia prise depuis le parking en contrebas

Getaway in Florence: what to see? what to do?

The city that is considered the capital of the arts is a must for any road trip in Tuscany. Indeed, planning a trip to Florence is not without interest. It is in any case one of the unavoidable stops. However, not everyone wants to live in the city c

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

La batisse en pierre de Sant'Egle

Southern Tuscany: less touristy, more authentic

Do you want a break from time? Need to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature? Discover with us Sant'Egle in the South of Tuscany. We stopped there after 7 days of road trip under the heat. It was for us a refreshing stopover.

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Photo prise de nuit de la maison moderne de Aqua & Co

Our tips for discovering the Lac de Côme

Our advice to discover Lake ComoIf I tell you Riva boats, luxurious villas, Dolce vita, George Clooney, what do you think of? Yes, we had the chance to discover Lake Como at the end of our stay in Italy. By the way, did you know that it was named one

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

Discover the European Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel was born in 1992 under the impulse of the European community. Today, 24 categories of products and services are certifiable. Tourist accommodations have a dedicated certification. The objective is to highlight eco-responsible so

juin 24, 2022

Anne Chéné

L'ancienne prison du centre ville d'Annecy entourée de ces canaux aux eaux truquoises et sous un très beau ciel bleu

A week-end at Annecy in summer

Après notre premier week-end à Annecy en octobre, nous nous étions promis de revenir en été pour mieux profiter du lac. La première fois il faisait frais et plutôt pluvieux alors nous en avions seulement apprécié la beauté. Nous ne pensions pas reven

juin 23, 2022

Anne Chéné