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The responsible accommodation of Morocco

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At the gateway to the Sahara, Morocco opens its doors for you. Between the Atlantic and the the Mediterranean sea, from coastal cities to Berber lands, let yourself be overwhelmed by the cultural richness of Morocco, where each city has its own singularity, and where the desert meets lush landscapes. Get to know the locals, who will warmly share their love of the country with you. Try ecotourism in Morocco, from the unmissable medina in Marrakech to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, you will discover a country as rich in its architecture as in its nature. Book an establishment from our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Morocco and spend an authentic holiday.

Sustainable tourism in Morocco

Morocco welcomed 13 million tourists in 2019, placing the country in 4th place among the most visited countries in Africa. This is not surprising when you consider that the country of the distant sunset (the official name of the country in Arabic) is home to dynamic cities, a mild Atlantic coastline and part of the world's largest desert. So many arguments for visiting all that Morocco has to offer.

But tourists tend to gather in the same spots, especially in Marrakech and Agadir. This practice is not without consequences, as it causes environmental damage in both regions. Drinking water stocks are weakened and the economic fallout is of little benefit to the locals. The country is now trying to turn away from mass tourism.

In this sense, more than sixty cities have signed the Moroccan Chart of Responsible Tourism launched in 2006. To encourage the tourism sector to adopt a greener approach, Morocco is increasing its eco-responsible efforts. Thus, 27 beaches of the country have been awarded the "blue flag" label for their cleanliness. The Ministry of Tourism awards the Moroccan Responsible Tourism Trophy to its most active professionals. The country prohibits the watering of golf courses with city water and new hotel complexes must now consume renewable energy and favour permaculture.

With this eco-responsible potential, the country is promoting rural tourism, particularly in the Souss Massa region, between Agadir and the Algerian border. Within this small territory, discover a multitude of landscapes: coastline, plains, vestiges, mountains and dunes, passing by authentic villages where tradition and know-how reign. You will be able to indulge in several eco-responsible activities. Stroll along the picturesque beaches of the Atlantic or hike in the Atlas Mountains. Stop off in villages with traditional kasbahs before descending into the Wim-Timdouine caves and its many underground lakes.

From north to south, each Moroccan region has a natural and cultural heritage that is well established and cherished by its inhabitants. Discover these unsuspected treasures as you move away from the cities.

Eco-friendly hotels in Morocco

Our tourist establishments in Morocco invite you to explore the country through all its facets. From the Kasbah with its traditional architecture in the heart of Berber country to an ecolodge oasis of tranquillity near Marrakech, let yourself be transported by the thousand faces of the Cherifian Kingdom.

Looking for a city break? Head to a guest house 20 minutes from Marrakech medina, ideal for relaxing by the pool after a hectic day visiting the souks and Majorelle gardens. Discover Fez in the luxury of a Ryad in the city centre. You will be surprised by this bubble of serenity so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Are you tempted by the Moroccan adventure worthy of the most beautiful fantasias? Then book one of our selected eco-friendly hotels in Morocco now!