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All the addresses of eco-responsible hotels in Greece

All the addresses of eco-friendly hotels in Greece

With 15,000 kilometers of coastline, a multitude of islands scattered across the Aegean Sea and an ancestral history, Greece is a popular country for travelers. Offering heavenly beaches and charming villages, it is easy to understand the success of the Greek islands. The Greek mainland is not to be outdone, with its thousand-year-old capital Athens and the Peloponnese region full of ancient sites. But with the crowds of travelers come the problems of mass tourism. Forest fires and the gradual extinction of marine biodiversity threaten the country. However, ecotourism in Greece is possible. Discover how to visit this Mediterranean country differently with our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Greece.

Sustainable tourism in Greece

Greece is gradually taking the step of responsible tourism and its nature could use some help. Some species, notably the monk seal and the loggerhead turtle, are threatened with extinction. To fight against this phenomenon, an environmental program for marine protection has been set up. Cleaning projects are also launched on several islands. This is particularly the case in the Cyclades archipelago or in some Ionian islands. The island of Paros is going even further with the launch of the Clean Blue Paros program: its ambition is to become the first island in the Mediterranean without plastic.

On the mainland, forest fires are the problem and are ravaging nature. To preserve its trees, Greece has written into its constitution the compulsory reforestation of burned areas. This is good news for the mountainous areas of the country. They are ideal for certain activities and for contact with nature, and European travelers are increasingly choosing them to enjoy a mild climate, even in winter.

The must-sees of ecological tourism in Greece

The Cyclades

Located in the south of the Aegean Sea, the 200 islands of this archipelago invite you to escape, to get away from it all and to relax! Breathtaking views of the sea, heavenly beaches and charming villages await you. Santorini is probably the most famous of the islands of the archipelago, but also the one where mass tourism is the most present.

For a more preserved alternative, why not discover Paros? Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, party or stroll through the typical Greek villages, Paros is a destination of choice! To make your stay truly unforgettable, book a sea view room at Seesoo Paros. Enjoy idyllic sunsets and direct access to the beach.


An amazing mix of modern city life and ancient relics awaits you in Athens! Climb to the top of the Acropolis and see the city spread out before visiting the dedicated museum to learn a little more about the place. Also, don't miss the neighborhoods of Plàka and Anafiotika, which have a few surprises in store for you.

To really soak up the local culture, take the time to explore the Peloponnese and its treasures : Monemvasia, the island of Sapientza, Lycosura or the Gorges of Vouraïkos.

Unknown spots in Greece

Astypalea, an authentic Greek island

While Santorini fills up with nearly 6.5 million people every summer, Astypalea rarely welcomes more than 70,000 visitors. It is therefore an ideal island to enjoy unspoiled Greece! The island of the Dodecanese archipelago is implementing a car-sharing system of electric vehicles to move easily and in an ecological way. Don't miss Chora, built into the side of a cliff. Visit the Venetian citadel, admire the views of the sea and stroll among the houses with white and blue walls. Boat rides, hikes and lazing on the beach await you on the island.

For your stay in Astypalea, book your nights at Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel. This ecological hotel in Greece offers a warm welcome. The comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms offer a breathtaking view of Chora. Every morning, enjoy a tasty traditional Greek breakfast on your terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Venetian citadel.


Ithaca is part of the Ionian archipelago and promises an idyllic and quiet setting for a relaxing vacation away from the crowds. Hiking, kayaking and diving await those who enjoy an active vacation. For mythology buffs, the island is home to several legendary places: the ruins of Ulysses' castle, the fountain of Arethusa or the cave of the nymphs.

For your nights on the island, let yourself be tempted by one of the houses of Levendis Estate. This farm on Ithaca promises you an exceptional wellness vacation between the sea and the mountains. Several relaxing activities await you: massages, yoga classes and swimming in the infinity pool.

Eco-friendly hotels in Greece

With a nice selection of eco-friendly accommodations in the Greek islands, we want to invite you to discover their beautiful beaches, their magnificent sunsets and their surprising villages, but all while keeping in mind the preservation of nature.

To go further, why not visit the country thanks to low-carbon mobility? Take a sailboat cruise to explore the islands, ride a bike to explore some of them like Astypalea, go hiking to discover their beautiful landscapes: you can consider all this with our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Greece. From Mykonos to Crete to the Dodecanese islands, discover Greece from an ecotourism perspective.

Off the beaten track, explore the island of Evia, the second largest in the country after Crete. Small, quiet resorts and epic hikes await you.

Finally, take advantage of your vacation to experiment with the Cretan diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes. In addition to being better for your health than the classic Western European diet, the limited amount of animal products also makes it more virtuous for the planet!

Discover all our addresses of eco-friendly hotels in Greece and book your next stay with the hosts.