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The responsible accommodation of Portugal

All the addresses of eco-friendly hotels in Portugal

In the west of the Iberian Peninsula, along the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is ideally situated for tourism. Beautiful scenery, rich culture and mouth-watering culinary specialities await travellers. But beyond the hustle and bustle of Lisbon and the large resorts of the southern Algarve, is ecotourism in Portugal possible? Discover through our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Portugal how to organise an ecological and authentic stay in the preserved areas of this beautiful country.

Sustainable tourism in Portugal

The capital Lisbon and the Algarve coastline are beginning to suffer seriously from mass tourism. Faced with the increased demand for tourist services such as hotels and restaurants, the south of the country is seeing its coastline become excessively concrete.

The capital is also suffering from the influx of tourists. The growing number of accommodations for travellers is prompting residents of the city on the Tagus River to protest against the rising prices of the property market. As well as making it more difficult to find accommodation, Lisboners are seeing huge cruise ships dock opposite the historic city centre, increasing both the number of visitors and the pollution in the city.

So why not take the opposite approach and visit Portugal in a different way by exploring the inland areas of the Algarve and the rest of the country?

Outside the continent, destinations such as Madeira and the Azores are still popular but still manage to do well in terms of ecotourism. With a favourable climate, hotels on a human scale and highly developed local agriculture, sustainable tourism is developing well.

Eco-friendly hotels in Portugal

Discover our selection of eco-friendly accommodation in Portugal. Their hosts will be happy to help you discover the unexplored and preserved areas of this beautiful country. From the calm of the Obidos region, to the surfing beaches along the coast between the capital and Nazaré, to the hilly landscapes in the heart of the country: dare to get off the beaten track.

Even in popular areas, our eco-responsible hotels in Portugal have opted for peace and quiet and, above all, for the transmission of an ecological way of life. So, if you want to discover the Benagil cave in the Algarve or the Belém tower in Lisbon, you can choose to stay in a permaculture farm or in a city hotel committed to an ecological approach. Try to go outside the high season. This way, you'll be doing your bit to combat mass tourism.

Fancy a trip to Madeira or the Azores archipelago? Let yourself be tempted by our many addresses and discover the rich green nature of these small Portuguese islands, a real paradise for hikers.

Discover our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Portugal and start planning your itinerary in the Iberian Peninsula.