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We are not a reservation center, we do not want to be a useless intermediary between you and your next host. Our mission and ambition is to put you in direct contact with the sustainable tourism professional you have selected.

For professionals
of Sustainable Tourism

You teach us that a traveler who comes to your website is a traveler who is already imbued with the atmosphere that you want to give to your establishment. He is a person who really knows where he is going to set foot and who is almost certain to have a good vacation.

Therefore his stay is always better when the person has come to book on your site and he will always make a better return.

For travelers

Many of you told us during our market research that today you don't know how to organize a responsible vacation and where to find the right information.

So when you do get started, it takes you a long time. Moreover, you have taught us that today you are looking for the right address for your next vacation on the booking centers and then you search on the search engines for the site of this accommodation to book directly on its site.

Information confirmed by a study, conducted by Kantar in October 2021, where to the question "how would you like to book your responsible vacations?", the French answer in majority to nearly 40% directly with the professional while the model that we know today arrive only in 5th position with 2 times less respondents.

A win-win model

You must be asking yourself concretely how we work? With the majority of professionals, we have chosen to operate. It is today the only system which allows us to put in relation traveler and professional without intermediary and to remunerate us on the fair business brought to these professionals. This system allows us to follow the traveler who clicks on the link to the professional's website until he books on the professional's website.

In concrete terms, when signing affiliation contracts with professionals, they commit to installing a pixel on their site which will be activated when the traveler clicks on the reservation link on our own site. As we know that it sometimes takes a few days before deciding, this pixel will be active for 2 months. This allows Ethik & Trips to be remunerated on the sales brought to the professionals in order to develop and to be able to always put forward more professionals committed to the travelers who are more and more numerous to want responsible vacations.
To tell you the truth, professionals who do not have a reservation system on their site are also welcome. For them we have developed 3 other offers with the ambition to always propose new eco responsible addresses and to adapt ourselves to the needs and desires of each one:

- Cost per click i.e. we get paid by the professional on the traffic we generate on his site
- Annual subscription. In this case the professional commits to pay a fixed annual sum from the beginning but after whatever the number of clicks or the number of transactions it will not pay anything more thereafter
- Message. Some wish to work by message. In this case no link to the website of the professional but you have the possibility to send him a message and it is thanks to these exchanges that we will know if it results in a reservation. If it is the case we will ask a commission to the professional.

Please note : as long as our partners have not set up the affiliation on their website and to make sure we have incomes to make Ethik & Trips live, we allow you to send a message to the professional but we do not activate the link to the website. Otherwise, we do a work of referencing, of putting in relation which is not remunerated.

What about your personal data?

Don't panic! Within the framework of the affiliation the only information which goes back to us with the affiliation during the transaction is :

- The date of reservation
- The order number
- The price of the transaction
This allows us to verify the information provided by the professional before billing.

Under no circumstances will we have your name, email address or any other information you may provide when making your reservation.

Because we tell you everything!

We explain why there are 2 types of addresses on the site:

- The ones circled in green are the first to come out. They are the partners who decided to follow us in the Ethik & Trips adventure and who signed affiliation contracts with us. We take this opportunity to thank them.

- The less visible ones that come out second. They are the eco responsible addresses that we had referenced at the beginning of the adventure of Ethik & Trips (link to the page about us) at the time when we had no business model and where we referenced for free the eco responsible addresses in the world. We are currently proposing them to continue the adventure with us but we have not yet signed a partnership contract with them. In this case, if you get in touch with them, don't hesitate to tell them that you are coming from us, it will help us to get in touch with them and maybe sign the affiliation contract.

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