Bien Loin d’ici : bed and breakfast in Nîmes

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Reasonable washing of sheets and towels
Bottle or filtered drinking water
Electricity and/or hot water from renewable energy sources
Vegetable garden and/or farm for the restaurant
Reasoned cleaning with eco-friendly products
No single-use plastics
Selective sorting at the hotel
Employment in the local community

Welcome to Bien Loin d’ici, a bed and breakfast in Nîmes located in an exceptional setting. Only a few kilometers from the arena and the Maison Carrée, imagine a pleasant garrigue garden. Discover the swimming pool bathed in Provencal sunshine before seeing your cocoon for the duration of your stay. Your wooden ecolodge with a refined and modern decoration is waiting for you. Test without delay your private spa with whirlpool and sauna and enjoy a moment of uninterrupted relaxation in this dream environment. Bien Loin d’ici, is the alliance of luxury and ecology in harmony, to offer you responsible and exceptional vacations in the Gard

Why come to Bien Loin d’ici ? >

A stay in all voluptuousness

Bien Loin d’ici offers you a real escape from your daily life in the South of France. In the heart of the Provencal garrigue garden are nestled 3 wooden ecolodges with modern architecture. Luxe, Calme et Volupté are aptly named and offer you a break from time and worries.

An interior of 30 m² with high quality furniture and a private terrace without opposite await you in this exceptional place. In addition to basking in the sun in front of your ecolodge, enjoy your private spa as much as you like. Each accommodation has its own sauna/hammam cabin and whirlpool bath.

Outside your cocoon, the dream continues. Relax by the salt water infinity pool or indulge in a sports session in the fitness room. Make the most of your stay in the Gard and experience the refined marriage of luxury and ecology in this guest house in Nîmes.

Quiet but close to the city

You are only 10 minutes away from the historic city center of Nîmes, yet the calm and nature are there for your well-being. Relax in the garrigue garden designed with the support of an ecological nursery. The result is pleasant: a multitude of endemic species, maintained without pesticides or weed killers and requiring little watering.

Afterwards, swim a few laps in the 20-meter-long pool and relax in the sun. Hungry? Prepare a small snack on the terrace of the pool-house with the equipment at your disposal.

What to do around this bed and breakfast in Nîmes ? >

A visit to the downtown area of French Rome

The city center of Nîmes is only a few kilometers away. Stroll through its lively streets and stand in awe of the Nîmes arena or the Maison Carrée, witnesses of the city’s rich historical past.

An immersion in the heart of the natural and cultural heritage of the Gard

Beyond Nîmes, the Gard department and its surroundings are rich in potential discoveries and adventures :

  • Admire the impressive architecture of the Pont du Gard, the part of a Roman aqueduct that overhangs the river Gardon;
  • Spend a day exploring the amazing landscapes of the Camargue ;
  • Take on a hiking trail in the Cevennes ;
  • Discover Avignon and the monuments of the City of the Popes.

So, are you seduced by a relaxing interlude in this bed and breakfast in Nîmes ? Book your stay at Bien Loin d’ici today.