Eco-lieu Potabilis La Ferme à Culture, an ecological camping in the Landes Girondines

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Vegetable garden and/or farm for the restaurant
Reasoned cleaning with eco-friendly products
Selective sorting at the hotel
Bottle or filtered drinking water
No single-use plastics
Reasonable washing of sheets and towels
Employment in the local community

Welcome to Potabilis La Ferme à Culture, an atypical accommodation in Saint-Magne near Bordeaux. This ecological campsite in the Landes welcomes you in an old rehabilitated farm. A change of scenery and reconnection to nature await you in the heart of the Eyre Valley.

Why come to Potabilis La Ferme à Culture? >

Lightweight habitats for successful outdoor vacations

Potabilis La Ferme à Culture is the ideal place for authentic vacations in all simplicity. 4 light and unusual accommodations await you on the domain:

  • A 5-seater teepee ;
  • A 5-seater caïdal tent from Morocco ;
  • A 3-seater inouït tent ;
  • A 2-seater covered wagon.

Travelers who wish to do so can also bring their own tent and install it on the eco-place.

Common spaces are also available for your comfort: dry toilets, a solar shower outside, as well as a closed shower room. Finally, a fully equipped collective kitchen allows you to prepare your meals directly on the eco-place's domain.

A place to reconnect with nature

If you want to disconnect from everyday life, spend a vacation in contact with nature and recharge your batteries, then Potabilis Farm to Culture is the perfect place to organize your next getaway. Discover a simple way of life in harmony with the environment and local biodiversity, including

  • A garden cultivated according to permaculture principles with market gardening of seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as plants to make infusions;
  • 2 donkeys and farmyard animals ;
  • Yoga workshops organized on site to reconnect with your body and experience this wellness practice in an idyllic setting.

What to do around this ecological campsite in the Landes ? >

Potabilis La Ferme à Culture is located near a bicycle path. The owners of the estate provide bicycles for loan to allow you to explore the region at your leisure.

Discover the natural wealth of the Val de l'Eyre

You are in the heart of the Val de l'Eyre in the Landes. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this rich natural area with many surprises:

  • The departmental domain of the Lagunes du Gât Mort. This natural domain covers a little more than 730 hectares, between maritime pines and wetlands;
  • The domain of Hostens with its lakes, its beaches and many walks;
  • The Landes de Gascogne forest. The first forest of Europe in surface shelters several treasures of biodiversity and promises you very beautiful landscapes. So that it reveals all its secrets to you, explore it by bike;
  • The valleys of the Leyre. The river Leyre crosses the Landes plateau and flows into the Bay of Arcachon. The area is ideal for canoeing and walking. With a little luck, you will be able to observe a rare fauna: otter, European mink or cistude.

Explore the cultural heritage

Beyond its natural riches, the Val de l'Eyre gathers some interesting cultural discoveries, often integrated in harmony with the surrounding nature. Discover for example :

  • Saint-Michel du Vieux Lugo church. This building dating from the 11th century is the only remaining vestige of the village of Lugo, a famous former stopover for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela;
  • La Fontaine Saint-Clair. Located near the Saint-Pierre de Mons church, this fountain is reputed to cure eye diseases;
  • The Forest of Contemporary Art. Works of art to be admired await you in the heart of the Landes forest, such as Philippe Fangeaux's "Couleurs" project or Sébastien Vonier's "Trois sans nom".

So, are you tempted by a getaway to the Potabilis La Ferme à Culture eco-location? Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay in this ecological campsite in the Landes Girondines.