Hotel de Verdun, an ecological hotel in Nevers

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Reasoned cleaning with eco-friendly products
Bottle or filtered drinking water
No single-use plastics
Selective sorting at the hotel
Person with reduced mobility
Reasonable washing of sheets and towels

Welcome to the Hotel de Verdun, an ecological hotel in Nevers! Ideal for a vacation for couples, families or friends, this committed hotel offers comfortable and bright rooms in the heart of Nevers. Take advantage of your stay to explore the richness of Burgundy and the surrounding area by bike or on foot.

Why come to the Hotel de Verdun? >

Comfortable and bright rooms

The Verdun hotel offers double, twin or triple rooms, with a surface area of between 16 and 25 m². If you come as a family, the triple room can be adapted for 4 people and you also have a family suite with 2 rooms and a shared toilet.

To limit the use of resources and preserve the environment, 2 of the rooms are equipped with dry toilets, and all have an automatic 6-second faucet consuming less than 3 L/min.

A committed hotel

Every morning, sit down to a delicious breakfast made from local or organic products. Committed to an anti-waste approach, the hotel invites you to fill out a questionnaire the night before to better gauge the quantities to be served the next morning. If the sun is shining, you can enjoy your breakfast directly on the patio.

To go further in the preservation of resources, the hotel has installed a water collector and 2 composters.

The hotel offers other services to enhance your stay:

  • A gym and fitness room or a course combining running and sightseeing if you prefer to jog;
  • A library at the reception;
  • A selection of refreshing drinks to enjoy on the patio.

What to do around this ecological hotel in Nevers? >

Slow tourism in the spotlight

The Hôtel de Verdun encourages you to explore the surroundings of Nevers by soft mobility. In addition to limiting the carbon footprint of your trip, you will also have a great slow tourism experience.

Several itineraries conducive to beautiful adventures await you in Nevers:

  • The GR3, also known as the wild Loire on foot;
  • The GR654, the road to Santiago de Compostela via Vézelay;
  • The Eurovelo 6 which follows the Loire from the ocean to Saint-Brévin-les-Pins and continues its way along European rivers to the Black Sea.

Your bike is welcome! You can safely leave it on the patio, or even put it in your room if you prefer. The hotel offers cleaning and maintenance equipment.

If you wish to explore Nevers and its surroundings, 3 VTC bikes can be rented directly at the hotel for 5 € per bike per day. This is an opportunity to enjoy a nice bike ride, for example to the Bec d'Allier to discover the landscapes of Burgundy (25 km). The hotel also offers organized bike rides.

Explore Nevers

During your stay at the Hotel de Verdun, take the time to discover the Nivernaise city, which is home to a rich historical and cultural heritage. By following the blue route on the ground, you will be able to let yourself be guided by 2 itineraries through the richness of the city:

  • The "Saint Martin - Saint Etienne" loop takes you through the shopping district, discovering the mansions and medieval residences;
  • The "Les faïenciers" loop allows you to discover the old faïenciers' district, the cradle of local craftsmanship.

Don't miss to make long stops at the Ducal Palace, the Cathedral St Cyr Ste Juliette, the baroque Chapel Sainte-Marie or the earthenware museum.

As for nature, the Ver-Vert trail, a Natura 2000 site, allows you to admire the landscapes of the Loire plain.

So, are you tempted by a stay at the Hotel de Verdun? Book your getaway in this ecological hotel in Nevers.