The Joseph, a place of ecotourism in Ardèche

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The Joseph, located in the village of Balazuc, is the site of reflections, experiences and actions of the EnVaL association. The goal of the latter: to safeguard the architectural, pastoral and natural heritage of the limestone plateau on which the ecotourism site in Ardèche is located. Come and discover a unique and atypical environment, set in a beautiful preserved nature, not far from the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Natural Park and the famous gorges.

Why come to the Joseph? >

A natural setting

Located on the limestone plateau, opposite the village of Balazuc, Le Joseph is accessible by a non-motorized hiking trail (about 500 meters from the road).

It is a natural setting in which it is good to disconnect and recharge your batteries. The oak forest that surrounds it will offer you its strength, its roots, its peace and its light. Will you have the chance to discover the fauna that lives there? On the spot, let the lapiaz, these traces left in the limestone rock, tell you the story of a life now disappeared.

A simple accommodation to recharge your batteries in Ardèche

The association which manages the Joseph proposes you a participative ecotourism. You will be able to stay in an unusual place and, if you wish, participate in its life.

The Joseph's accommodation is a cabin fitted out as a studio, planned and equipped for two people, with dry toilets outside. Located on an isolated and independent part of the land, this simple and cosy accommodation is ideal for an immersion in the middle of nature, conducive to disconnection and rest.

What to do around this place of ecotourism in Ardeche? >

In addition to participating in the life of the Joseph and offering you an invigorating getaway in the middle of nature, don't miss out on discovering the wealth of green tourism in the Ardèche.

Visit Balazuc, one of the most beautiful villages of Ardeche

Not far from Le Joseph, start your visit by Balazuc, a medieval village which is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Let yourself be charmed by the ramparts, the keep and the castle which date from the 11th century. Don't miss the Sablière gate, the best-preserved remnant of the ancient ramparts.

Discover the National Nature Reserve of the Gorges of the Ardèche

Kayaking, hiking, canyoning: there are many ways to explore the natural reserve of the Ardeche Gorges in an ecological way. Be careful, however, the place is very popular in high season. To leave seduced by the rich local nature, prefer an off-season getaway. In addition to having a more pleasant experience, you will avoid participating in the excessive degradation of the place.

Discover the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Nature Park

Less popular than the famous gorges, but just as interesting, spend some time during your stay discovering the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Natural Park. Let yourself be seduced by the unique cultural, natural and agricultural heritage of this region.

Make a detour to discover :

  • The Ray-Pic waterfall in Péreyres, in the Cévennes, which falls 60 meters;
  • The Païolive Wood. This ancient forest is home to a rich biodiversity and amazing landscapes, thanks to the numerous limestone formations that contrast with the vegetation.

Explore the historical wealth of the Ardèche

The Ardèche enjoys a rich and multi-millennial history unique in France. Do not miss :

  • The Chauvet Cave, in the town of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, with a thousand cave paintings and engravings;
  • The Cité de la Préhistoire to continue your journey through time and learn more about the local past.
The Joseph's ecological commitment >

Le Joseph is an ecological project strongly committed to the preservation of its territory.

Concretely, the place aims to rediscover and rehabilitate the installations created by the former stockbreeders of the plateau, namely: the dry stone walls, the circulations, a forgotten garden, an ancestral cistern. It is a whole past and a history that the association EnVal has in heart to preserve and to transmit.

To this end, the place is not connected to the various networks. Most of the water comes from rainwater tanks and the electricity is supplied by solar panels. The Joseph is thus practically in energy autonomy and its principal resources come from the sun and the rain.

What do you say to a stay at Le Joseph, an ecotourism place in the Ardèche? It is a highly exotic and instructive escapade that awaits you in this beautiful preserved nature.