Baccara Lodge, a guest house in the Landes

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For your holidays, if you are looking for sports, nature or relaxation, the Baccara Lodge is for you. The guest house consists of 5 bedrooms. In the garden you will enjoy the swimming pool.Around, you can also go surfing, discover Arjuzanx Nature Reserve Lake or even visit Marquèze eco Museum.

Why come to the Baccara Lodge? >

Charming and upscale guest rooms

In this human-sized guest house, forget the standardized decorations of the big hotel chains. Choose your favorite atmosphere among the 5 large rooms from 17 to 23 m². Mountain, Country, Landaise, Royal or Ocean: which atmosphere will tempt you?In all the rooms, the furniture has been selected to limit consumption. The bedding is made in France and the hygiene products hygiene products come from craftsmen of the Landes. Here is a beautiful proof that reconciling comfort and eco-responsibility is possible!

Nature as a living environment

Audrey, guarantees an experience close to nature

for your vacation. It's simple: as soon as you put your bags down at Baccara Lodge, you immediately forget the hustle and bustle of city life. city life. In the heart of the calm Landes forests, lulled by the song of the birds and the rustle of the wind in the tree branches, let all your worries fly away.

A local table d'hôtes

To eat during your stay, sit down at the table d'hôtes which offers a 100% home-made menu. In addition to a convivial moment, it is the occasion to discover the gastronomic heritage of Landes. The icing on the cake? The vegetables on your plate come mostly from the permaculture garden of the guest house in the Landes and are grown exclusively from organic seeds.

What to do around this guest house in the Landes ? >

Sports vacations

Want to spend an active vacation in the Landes? With the beach of Contis only 40 minutes away, treat yourself to surfing sessions on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or a paddle trip on the Contis current. Cycling enthusiasts will be able to ride the bicycle paths of the Landes forests along the coast while stopping at the many huge beaches for refreshing breaks in the ocean.

Nature vacations

With the lake of the Arjuzanx National Reserve near the Baccara Lodge, let your steps guide you and your eyes marvel at the fauna and flora of this preserved area. If you come between the end of October and February, don't miss the magnificent ballet of the migration of the grey cranes accompanied by the naturalist guides of the reserve.

Finally, why not discover the Landes forest through a guided tour to fully understand the nature that surrounds you?

Vacation relaxation

For a relaxing stay, Baccara Lodge is an ideal destination. Start with a long swim in the pool. Take advantage of the property's large park to take a leisurely stroll and sit on the grass with a good book in hand. For those who wish, yoga, sophrology or massages are also offered to travelers. A real vacation with a capital V!

Will this guesthouse in the Landes be your next getaway from the everyday? If the idea tempts you, book your stay at Baccara Lodge today.