Le Gîte du Lac, a hotel on the shores of Lac Rose

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Reasonable washing of sheets and towels
Reasoned cleaning with eco-friendly products
Selective sorting at the hotel
Vegetable garden and/or farm for the restaurant
Employment in the local community
Electricity and/or hot water from renewable energy sources
No single-use plastics

From your traditional hut sheltered by coconut trees, admire the beautiful panoramic views of the lake that is called the Pink Lake, because of its amazing pink-orange hue. Explore this amazing region of Senegal, not far from Dakar, and meet its inhabitants. They are gardeners, artisans, fishermen, or salt workers, but they all work to preserve this rich region. So, find out what’s in store for you during your stay at this hotel on the shores of Lac Rose !

Why come to the Gîte du Lac ? >

Unusual nights in a traditional hut

Experience atypical nights in the middle of nature by sleeping in a hut at the Gîte du Lac. From its terrace, let your thoughts escape in front of the coconut trees, bougainvilleas and bamboos that surround your Senegalese cocoon. Admire the lake changing aspect according to the time of the day and the weather. Reconnect with the simple pleasure of contemplation.

You can choose between two types of boxes :

  • The Cases Dunes in height with view on the lake, feet in the sand in the middle of the garden;
  • Les Cases Bambous on the shores of the lake with terraces on stilts.

All rooms have a shower room and private bathroom. Don’t worry about anything by choosing the half-board or full-board formula offered by the restaurant of this hotel on the shores of Lake Rose.

An authentic preserved place

The vocation of the owners of the Gîte du Lac is to limit their impact on their environment to the maximum. Thus, the huts are energy sober and powered by solar panels for hot water and electricity.

In addition, trees have been planted around the lodge to improve the living environment of the birds in the area. Take the opportunity to close your eyes and listen to their songs. When you look back at your surroundings, you will be even more enchanted by the pink color of the lake, the azure blue of the sky, the green of the bamboo and the bright colors of the bougainvillea.

What to do around this hotel at the Lac Rose ? >

A surprising salt lake

Did you know that you are staying at the place where the Paris-Dakar Rally was held until 2007 ? You may see some traces of this mythical event that contributed to the prosperity of the region.

Lac Rose is a surprising place in Senegal. Its real name is Lake Retba, but its nickname fits it like a glove because of its unusual pink color. This is caused by a microorganism that creates a colored pigment to survive in the very salty environment of the water.

Various activities to explore it

You will be ideally located to discover the Pink Lake and its surroundings. Start with a horseback ride with “Les chevaux du lac”, a stable installed for more than 20 years by the owners of the place. The local horses (Barbe arable) are pampered and respected. Moussa will offer you rides from 1h30 to several days.

Continue with a trip in a salt canoe on the lake, to admire its shores from the water. Then visit its salt farm, the largest in West Africa, to learn more about the work of the salt workers who collect large quantities of this precious mineral every day.

Don’t miss the chance to swim in the lake. The high concentration of salt will give you the unique impression of really floating on the water ! Don’t forget to rinse off after your swim, this is the essential step to avoid any salt irritation.

Finally, go for a walk in the dunes and contemplate the ocean only 900 meters from the hotel. If you’re careful, you can take a dip in the ocean. The water might even feel almost soft after your dip in the lake !

So when are you going to explore this amazing region of Senegal during a stay at this hotel on the shores of Lake Rose ?