EcoHotel El Agua, an eco-hotel in Tenerife

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Between volcano and ocean, this holistic health resort invigorates body and mind in a peaceful atmosphere of minimalist design. Nestled in the beautiful subtropical valleys of southern Tenerife in the heart of the historic village of Arico El Nuevo, EcoHotel El Agua is surrounded by exquisite nature. Treat yourself to a relaxing stay at this eco-hotel in Tenerife and discover the riches of the Spanish volcanic island.

Why come to EcoHotel El Agua? >

A cocoon of serenity in a lush natural setting

Nestled in the heart of tropical gardens and shaded terraces, EcoHotel El Agua is decorated with natural materials and soft textures in the colors of water, sand and earth. An authentic stone house that once housed the region's peasant-winegrowers, Villa Olivo promises calm and serenity.

Designed to accommodate 2 people, the villa awaits you for an unforgettable stay in an exceptional, quiet and restful place. Spacious, it offers to its guests several rooms with worked and soothing design as well as a private outdoor space of 250m² with a terrace, a jacuzzi and a heated salt water overflowing pool.

Tasty, healthy and sustainable meals

Choose from a vegan, raw vegan or ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian menu during your stay at EcoHotel El Agua. Enjoy organically grown, nutrient-rich, seasonal and locally sourced produce, carefully prepared. Revitalize yourself from within.

An appointment with yourself

This new concept promotes naturopathy, the Hippocratic medicine centered on the full awareness of the five senses and self-healing in a natural and harmonious environment. Together with experts from EcoHotel El Agua, discover the benefits of manual, breathing and relaxation techniques: 

Yoga, pilates and meditation;Thai massage, reiki, acupuncture;Watsu ( shiatsu therapies in water);Icebath and Breathwork ( cryotherapy and deep breathing exercises).

Extend the moment of peace and quiet with a jazz or classical music concert in the natural cave before hiking or biking around the sunny island of Tenerife. 

Holistic health programs

To take care of your body and mind during your stay on the island of Tenerife, treat yourself to one of EcoHotel El Agua's 4 holistic health programs: 

Detoxification and Regeneration to cleanse the body from within and restore metabolic balance;Water for Health, a hydrotherapy program with massages, meditation, breathing exercises, cold baths and WATSU, a shiatsu technique in the water of a swimming pool;Asanas, a program that includes yoga practices, pilates, meditation, pranayama breathing and relaxation;

Personal training and weight control, a sports coaching program supervised by a professional in sports science and nutrition.

What to do around this eco-hotel in Tenerife? >

Rent a bike at the EcoHotel El Agua and explore the riches of this volcanic island full of surprises.

Discover the amazing nature of Tenerife

During your stay in Tenerife, don't miss the amazing natural sites of the island: 

Le Teide, the third highest volcano in the world. The road that leads to it is already a spectacle in itself. From a lush forest, you will soon reach desolate and deserted plains, with a lunar atmosphere, before arriving at the foot of the volcano. From there, you can start the ascent on foot, stopping for the night at the refuge or taking the cable car, which drops you off at the bottom of the highest point;The hidden beaches of the north coast of the island, such as Tacoronte, Taganana or Playa Antequera;The Anaga Rural Park and the Teno Rural Park, 2 perfect hiking paradises to discover the areas preserved from mass tourism on the island of Tenerife

Soak up the Canarian culture

Several cultural discoveries await you on the island of Tenerife: 

The Ethnographic Park of the Pyramids of Güimar, in the east of the island. The city of La Laguna, symbol of Tenerife's colonial past, boasts charming and colorful 18th century buildings. It is a dynamic city with a festive atmosphere, perfect for an evening in a tapas bar after a day of hiking in the Anaga Park.

Are you tempted by a stay at the EcoHotel El Agua? Organize a getaway in this eco-hotel in Tenerife and discover the richness of this volcanic island!