Lurdeia Casa Rural, ecological house in Biscay

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Reasonable washing of sheets and towels
No single-use plastics
Reasoned cleaning with eco-friendly products
Bottle or filtered drinking water
Vegetable garden and/or farm for the restaurant
Electricity and/or hot water from renewable energy sources
Person with reduced mobility
Employment in the local community
Selective sorting at the hotel

Welcome to Lurdeia Casa Rural, an ecological house in Biscay, Spain. Live a beautiful rural tourism experience and discover the traditions and culture of the Basque Country. Stay in a welcoming house that invites you to rest in the heart of a green agricultural estate that respects its environment. Treat yourself to an eco-responsible vacation in Spain!

Why come to Lurdeia Casa Rural? >

A rich estate in harmony with nature

Lurdeia Casa Rural is a pleasant stone house set in a green environment and offering a setting conducive to a reconnection with nature.

Take the time to stroll around and discover the curiosities of the estate:

  • The dolmen, a true symbol of the past at Lurdeia Casa Rural;
  • The lake offering pleasant games of reflection;
  • The greenhouses, a place that gathers the treasures of the vegetable garden;
  • The henhouse, where all animals live in harmony.

Throughout your stay, let yourself be disoriented by life on the farm and its customs with :

  • The vegetable garden with fruits and vegetables cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture;
  • The breeding of hens, ducks, geese and turkeys, fed with corn, wheat, organic vegetables and with the freedom to move around the domain;
  • The initiation to the techniques of agriculture respectful of the living and the biodiversity. The cultivation method is based on organic fertilizers, the construction of ecosystems to regulate pests, the sun and the cycles of the moon.

Pleasant and comfortable rooms that invite you to relax

Stay in one of the 8 cozy rooms at Lurdeia Casa Rural:

  • Owl. This spacious and bright room, accessible to people with reduced mobility, accommodates 2 people with 2 single beds;
  • Le Vent. With a double bed and a pleasant atmosphere, spend sweet nights in this beautiful room facing northwest with a beautiful view of the Cantabrian Sea ;
  • Sea. Experience a memorable getaway in this romantic little cocoon with a breathtaking view of the sea from the window;
  • Amalur (Mother Earth). This room is a tribute to nature. Surrounded by water, it promises breathtaking views of the sea on one side and the inland lake of Lurkoi on the other.
  • Enjoy the sunrise in this east-facing room. Offering a pleasant and charming space under the roof, it comfortably accommodates 2 people with its double bed.

The other rooms Harri (stone), Haritz and Ilargi Lune, all offer a unique atmosphere for a memorable stay in the Basque Country.

What to do around this ecological lodge in Biscay? >

The beach and the ocean waves

Do you want to go surfing or just relax in the sun on the warm sand? Several sandy beaches located near Lurdeia Casa Rural await you, including Bakio, Sopelana and Laga.

Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

You have a front row seat to explore a unique natural area: the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. This marshland ecosystem is a rich habitat for many species of birds. It will delight birdwatchers and landscape enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the breathtaking views at the Mundaka estuary.

Near Bakio, several walks take you to the magnificent coastal landscapes. The islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in particular is very famous. A protected biotope, it is accessible by a bridge with 2 arches over the sea.

Discover the cities of Vizcaya

The province of Vizcaya in the Basque Country has many surprises in store for travelers, especially in its cities.

Bilbao has a reputation as an industrial city. However, it is home to many interesting sights for the visitor who is willing to linger. Discover for example the numerous skyscrapers in the city center and especially the Guggenheim museum, all curves and titanium, with its amazing architecture. The show continues behind the museum doors, with a fine selection of famous modern art.

Guernica, south of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, in the Oka Valley, also offers some great discoveries:

  • The Museum of Peace of Guernica, which aims to disseminate the principles and ideals around peace;
  • The Museum Euskal Herria which traces various aspects of the Basque Country and allows to discover the territory more deeply through its history over 150 000 years: origins, physical environment, politics, economy, language and culture ;
  • The church of Santa Maria. This 15th century religious building offers an interesting architecture, mixing Gothic and Renaissance styles.
The ecological commitment of Lurdeia Casa Rural >

Ecology and respect for nature are among the founding values of Lurdeia Casa Rural. The owners of the estate are committed to offering you a truly sustainable tourism experience in Spain through a number of actions:

  • The garden, the vegetable garden and the farm are maintained in such a way as to respect the living and the local biodiversity as much as possible;
  • Equipment has been installed on the showers and taps to reduce water consumption by up to 60%;
  • The house uses underfloor heating which is more efficient than traditional heating;Domestic hot water and heating are produced by a pellet boiler, with local wood, as well as solar panels ;
  • Lighting is done only by LED lamps;
  • Presence sensors have been installed outside to preserve electricity resources;
  • Cleaning products, laundry and cosmetics are all eco-labeled to fight against water pollution;
  • A recharging station for electric vehicles has been installed.

So, does a stay at Lurdeia Casa Rural tempt you? Discover an exceptional place and live in harmony with nature in the heart of the Spanish Basque Country in this ecological house in Vizcaya.