Finca al-manzil, a vacation rental in the Extremadura region of Spain

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In the heart of the Sierra de Montanchez, discover a protected natural environment nestled in the heart of  a beautiful  landscape.  Welcome to Extremadura, an autonomous community of Spain bordering Portugal, far from the mass tourism of Andalusian cities or the Costa Brava. In a relaxing setting, recharge your batteries during a stay at Finca al-manzil. This vacation rental in Extremadura offers 3 comfortable vacation homes for rent, in a preserved and authentic environment, full of surprises.

Why come to Finca al-manzil? >

This is not a typical  vacation rental that awaits you at Finca al-manzil. The hosts have taken special care to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere in each of the 3 houses, full of character with unique objects and furnishings, plenty of books for browsing.

  • El Cortijo can accommodate between 2 and 6 people. 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a swimming pool and a beautiful view await you in this comfortable house of character.
  • El Granero  is designed for 2  people. The spacious double height house has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and big sitting room. From the shady porch enjoy the views surrounding meadows, olive groves and the dramatic peaks of the sierra.  The pool is shared with the previous accommodation but has its own private terrace with loungers and shade.
  • La Habiba is an eco-studio with a cozy atmosphere. Ideal for a couple's vacation, relax fully in this large and quiet studio.There is a fully equipped outside kitchen on the covered porch with dining table to enjoy the views.

Each accommodation is carefully decorated, with a balanced mix of antique and contemporary that will make you feel at home. So put your bags down and simply enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Sierra de Montanchez famous for the rich bird life and varied landscapes. Put on your hiking boots, explore the mountain slopes on extensive walking paths and enjoy the beautiful views ahead.

What to do around this vacation rental in Extremadura? >

 Explore the area by hiking

Directly from your Extremadura vacation rental, you'll find many trails for all levels through the lush nature. Find the perfect place to have a picnic and let yourself be lulled by the panorama that surrounds you: the birds, the wind in the leaves, the view. A feeling that will give you the irrepressible desire to simply enjoy the moment. 

In addition to this shimmering nature, let yourself be surprised by the local rural architecture. Rustic hermitages, water mills, the Moorish castle of Montanchez or the Visigothic basilica of Santa Lucia are some of the points of interest you'll come across on your way. To broaden your horizons, why not rent a bike and ride the surrounding bike paths?

Discover the Extremadura region

Exciting cities with a rich and eventful history await you in Extremadura for architectural and cultural discoveries full of surprises.

Cáceres, a city classified by Unesco, has a historic center with a rich architectural heritage. Turn off your GPS and let yourself be surprised at the bend in the road by its museums, churches or ancient palaces.

Mérida dates from the Roman period. It is therefore a city with a multitude of archaeological remains to visit. Make exciting discoveries about antiquity in Spain.

Trujillo is the stunning town settled from Roman times, with a Moorish castle and charming winding streets full of palacios and plazas built by the conquistadors of the 16th century.

Badajoz is a city like you have never seen in France. Its Alcazaba citadel is said to be one of the largest in Europe. Don't miss its iconic historical and architectural sites, including the Plaza Alta, Plaza Soledad and San Bautista Cathedral.

The ecological commitment at Finca al-manzil >

Finca al-manzil is an ecological accommodation that is committed to the preservation of the environment on several levels.

First of all, because of its location, Finca al-manzil invites you to discover Spain in a different way, far from the over-tourism that can take place on the Costa Brava in Catalonia or in the Andalusian villages.

Eco-responsible activities are in the spotlight at Finca al-manzil. Walking, biking, bird watching are all adventures offered by the rural environment of this vacation rental in Extremadura. The spirit of the place invites you to slow down from your hectic daily life and take the time to enjoy nature in all its simplicity.

The rentals tend towards energy autonomy. Electricity is provided by a well thought out system of solar panels that allow us to meet the daily needs of all. The Cortijo has been renovated with traditional materials and the openings elaborated by a local carpenter with chestnut wood. A wood heating system provides natural heating for the accommodations.

Are you tempted by a stay between nature and culture in this vacation rental in Extremadura? Book your vacation at Finca al-manzil and discover a region of Spain far from mass tourism.