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All the addresses of eco-responsible hotels in Corsica

All the addresses of eco-friendly hotels in Corsica

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Corsica is a land of many treasures. From its breathtaking beaches to its majestic mountains and coastal towns with Italian architecture, the island of Beauty has everything to enchant you. Relax on Palombaggia beach or explore the villages nestled in the mountains, the Corsicans will be keen to make you love their island. Experience ecotourism in Corsica and immerse yourself in a cultural and natural heritage cherished by its inhabitants. You will find a natural paradise marked by its history. Book a hotel from our selection of eco-friendly hotels in Corsica and embark on a striking stay.

Sustainable tourism in Corsica

With its 6 million tourists in 2019, Corsica is a very popular destination in France. Crystal-clear waters, mild Mediterranean climate, exotic architecture steeped in history and authentic hinterland, it is easy to understand the popularity of the island.

With so many tourists visiting the island, Corsica is playing the sustainable tourism card. In that sense, Eastern Corsica regularly organises workshops and meetings to raise awareness among its tourism professionals. In Bonifacio, the tourist office has even created a network to promote short circuit consumption. Thus, 22 businesses in the region ( hotel owners, restaurants, farmers, fishermen...) work hand in hand to offer tourists a 100% local stay.

Embark on the Grande Traversée de l'île (Great Crossing of the island) by bike and discover its landscapes from every angle. Ride across the island from the Corsican Cape to Bonifacio for a 600km journey in 12 stages. Inaugurated in 2019, the GT 20 has become the must-do route in Corsica for all cycling enthusiasts. Stop off in one of the charming villages or contemplate the Mediterranean horizon and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Calanques de Piana. Then head inland through forests, natural pools and mountainous landscapes. If the route seems to be meant for the most hardened cyclists, the electric bike is a good alternative for beginners. There are charging points all along the route.

For the more sporty, get off your bike and take a ride to the Verghju hill. In addition to the GT 20, there is another route that has become mythical for hikers: the GR 20. From Calenzana in the north-west to Conca in the south-east, the trail crosses 180km of the island of Beauty in 16 stages. You should therefore allow at least 16 days to complete the entire route. One of the hardest hiking routes in Europe, but also one of the most beautiful. You will cross high mountain areas with peaks of more than 2000 metres and witness nature that only hikers on the trail have the chance to see. The GR 20 is a way to get to know the authenticity of Corsica.

Eco-friendly hotels in Corsica

Our tourist establishments in Corsica immerse you in a real postcard landscape. Relax in charming accommodation away from the city but still close to Bastia, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains. For a stay by the sea, choose the bay of Propriano and the seaside village of Porto Pollo. In Kallista Inn, taste the island's gastronomy: the products are all from the inn's farm or come from local producers!

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