5 questions to Caroline Vivant

juin 23, 2022
Caroline Vivant trois quart face avec un tee short blanc

I first discovered Caroline behind the microphone of the podcast Des Chèvres dans le Larzac . The first episode I listened to was that of a former colleague talking about her change of life. I then listened to the other episodes before discovering the site and all the stories of women who have changed careers. And then I also discovered that Caroline had several lives in one and that she was also at the helm of the website lekaba.fr, a website that accompanies and guides you towards a more respectful life. I won’t tell you everything and let Caroline present it to you because she agreed to answer “our 5 questions to…”.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what travel means to you?

Hello, I’m Caroline, co-founder of the website lekaba.fr, a guide dedicated to responsible consumption. On lekaba.fr, you can find tips, tutorials, information on how to consume differently, and selections of truly eco-responsible products, such as eco-responsible travel bags and suitcases or eco-tourism agencies. Our objective is to give a helping hand to all those who want to change their daily life and adopt “greener” habits.

Travel is a breath of fresh air. A moment when you open your eyes and your heart wide, when you take a deep breath to soak up what you see, what you smell and what you meet.

What was the trip that made the biggest impression on you? Why or why not?

A road trip in South America with a friend, when I was 25. 3 months between Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, backpacking. First of all because these are the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen, but also because we had no set itinerary, no constraints. Our stages were improvised according to the people we met. I have never felt so free.

How do you see post-Covid tourism?

In my case, it is not so much post-covid tourism that concerns me but rather how to continue to travel while minimising my environmental impact? As we know, flying is an ecological disaster. Of course, there are landscapes, cities and encounters to be had close to home, and I intend to explore France and discover some wonderful places. But I find it hard to give up a total change of scenery from time to time! Hence the interest of a site like www.ethik-hotels.com to find eco-responsible addresses and advice for green travellers.

What is your next holiday destination?

Brittany! For holidays… and for life. We made a family dream come true: we moved to the seaside, on the Emerald Coast. So we can travel a little bit every day ;-)

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Do you have a book to recommend that we could put in our suitcase this summer?

Le Soleil des Scorta by Laurent Gaudé, which made me want to discover Puglia.   

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