To have a refreshingly calm spot of water far from the hustle and bustle of the coastline to enjoy the summer sun: isn't that a real treat? So, why not consider your next vacation at the edge of a lake? Between swimming, water activities and walks by the water, you will have the winning cocktail to recharge your batteries and get back on track after your vacation. With a little extra Ethik'Hotels touch, we suggest several addresses of eco-responsible accommodations with their feet in the water, as well as a lot of ecological activities to occupy your days. So grab your best bathing suit, your tube of sunscreen and follow the guide. We will take you to discover the most beautiful lakes in the world!

  1. Annecy in the heart of the Alps
  2. Hossegor at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Como in Italy, between nature and culture
  4. Lac Rose in Senegal, vacations on the edge of an atypical lake
  5. Arenal in Costa Rica, a trip to a volcanic land

#1 Annecy in the heart of the Alps

A lake in the heart of the Alps, isn't it the ideal compromise for those who can't decide between the sea and the mountains? With Annecy, you'll have the bonus of a very pleasant city full of surprises within reach, ideal to fully enjoy your vacation by the lake. Here are some ideas for activities around this 28 km² lake, reputed to be one of the purest in Europe:

-A stroll in Annecy's charming historic downtown and on the Pâquier, the large esplanade between the Gardens of Europe and the Pont des Amours ;

-Water sports, such as pedal boats, swimming and diving;

-Hiking to take advantage of the superb panoramas, for example at Mont Baron;

-Cycling or rollerblading on the Lake Annecy bike path, especially on the flat section from Sévrier;

-Paragliding for the adventurous traveler.

For your stay in Annecy, why not stay in one of the apartments of Concept Côte Ouest? You will spend your nights in a passive establishment built in hemp with a breathtaking view on the lake and the mountains.


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#2 Hossegor at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean

Let's stay in France for this second stay with feet in the water but let's go to the Landes in Hossegor. Change of scenery for this marine lake near the Atlantic coast. It is the ideal destination if you want to enjoy both the ocean rollers and a calm and peaceful water.

Around the lake, you can choose between several activities:

-A swimming session on the Blanche beach, the Chênes-Lièges beach or the Parc beach ;

-Stand-up paddle or sailing lessons;

-A 7.4 km hike punctuated by an oyster tasting to enjoy the beautiful Basque-Landes villas.

Finally, for a stay fully dedicated to relaxation, we recommend you to book at Villa Seren, an ecological hotel with spa located directly on the shores of the lake.

#3 Como in Italy, between nature and culture

We are now heading to the Great Lakes region in Lombardy and more particularly to the shores of Lake Como, at the gateway to the Alps. Between Italian gastronomy, relaxation by the water and cultural activities, you won't have time to get bored during your stay.

Why not do some sections of the Sentiero del Viandante, a 45 km long hiking trail? You'll enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

Afterwards, a visit to the Forte di Fuentes is a must. This historical fortress, near Colico, is an interesting witness of the Spanish past of the region.

Finally, for a breath of fresh air, you can discover the surroundings from the water by taking a pleasant boat ride.


For your nights, take a step up by staying at Aqua & Co, a responsible hotel with a swimming pool, near the center of Bellagio.

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#4 Pink Lake in Senegal, a vacation at the edge of an atypical lake

You will be surprised by the amazing pink color of this African lake. This is caused by a micro-organism that produces a colored pigment to counteract the high salt concentration of the lake. Made famous as the place of arrival of the Paris-Dakar until 2007, Lake Retba, its real name, is full of discoveries all more surprising than the others.

During your trip, you can visit the salt exploitation, the biggest in West Africa. You will see the hard work of the men and women of the region who transport dozens of kilos of salt every day with the strength of their arms.

After your visit, why not also try a pirogue ride on the lake?

You wonder if it is possible to take a dip in this lake, which is even saltier than the Dead Sea? The answer is yes, as long as you rinse off well after your swim! Don't miss this experience: you will experience the amazing sensation of floating on water.

For an authentic stay, put your bags down at the Gîte du Lac. In addition to an easy access to the lake and the Atlantic coast, you will have the chance to sleep in one of the traditional huts of the hotel.

#5 Arenal in Costa Rica, a trip in volcanic land

Located in the region of the Arenal volcano, this lake will reserve you beautiful surprises, in particular by the hot springs and the surrounding wild nature.

You will be able for example to launch out in a hike between Arenal and Monteverde to benefit from superb points of view on the lake. With many restaurants along the way, you will have enough to take a well-deserved break to recharge your batteries.

The more athletic ones can also go for a bike ride up the Rancho Mirador Los Peñas mountain to enjoy a breathtaking view of the water and the volcano.

Finally, to rest your aching muscles, don't miss the chance to bathe in the natural hot springs of Arenal.

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On the heights of the lake, far from the crowds of travelers, have sweet dreams at the Essence Arenal Hotel. In addition to a breathtaking view of the lake and the volcano, you can enjoy the hotel's large park and its organic permaculture farm. For a fully relaxing stay, the owners even offer yoga classes.

#6 Thac Ba in Vietnam, discovering an authentic region

Finally, let's go to Asia for this last idea of a vacation by a lake. An 80 km long artificial water expanse created after the construction of a dam, the Thac Ba lake is no less exotic.

The landscape is indeed striking. The water having submerged an area of hills, you now only see the peaks that seem to form a multitude of islands on the lake.

Here are some ideas of activities in this region of Vietnam:

-A boat ride or a short swimming session;

-A 3.5 hours hike on Cao Bien mountain to enjoy one of the most beautiful view on the lake;

-Watching a beautiful sunset on Thac Ba Lake;

-Discovering the unique traditions of the surrounding villages, such as Ngoi Tu.

Finally, with a beautiful project of preservation of the region, we encourage you to choose LaVieVuLinh, an eco-friendly hotel on the shores of the lake. The establishment offers double rooms, family studios or dormitories for your stay.

To go further, consider discovering Vietnam differently. You will participate in preserving the country from mass tourism.

You now know 6 ideas of stays for a vacation by a lake! In which body of water do you want to take a dip? Tell us in comments.

Article written by Anaïs Maroteaux, SEO web writer

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