Our top 6 eco-friendly accommodations around the world

juin 23, 2022
Vue du siècle les bungalow organisés autour d'une espace commun central et avec un accès direct à l'eau de la Lagune

Want to travel differently around the world? In this article, we take you to discover our beautiful planet with a selection of ecological hotels. What do they have in common? Well, they respect, not 1, not 2, but the 8 criteria of eco-responsibility of Ethik'Hotels ! Their hosts will offer you much more than adventure and change of scenery. Beyond introducing you to sustainable tourism, they will make you discover a way of life in complete harmony with nature. From the cabin built with locally sourced materials to the eco-lodge disconnected from the grid, living an ecological stay is within the reach of all desires. Sobriety of the campsite or luxury of the ecolodge: which eco-friendly accommodation will be your favorite for your next responsible trip?

What are the criteria for choosing an eco-friendly accommodation?

Before discovering our selection of tourist establishments, here are some criteria to keep in mind that could help you choose an ecological hotel. In any case, these are the ones we look at carefully before adding an Ethik'Hotel to our catalog:

  • Waste minimization. An establishment committed to an eco-friendly approach will start by managing its waste better. Selective sorting, providing filtered water, eliminating single-use plastics: these are the three criteria we look at carefully.
  • Energy Management. Does the hotel you are visiting use solar panels or other renewable sources for electricity or hot water?
  • Sobriety in the household. Washing and cleaning less frequently or using ecological products can significantly reduce water consumption and ocean pollution.
  • Sobriety in the household. Washing and cleaning less frequently or using ecological products can significantly reduce water consumption and ocean pollution.

To find an eco-responsible accommodation without doubting, discover the sustainable tourism labels to know.

Tsarasoa Lodge, Madagascar

Located in the heart of the island, Tsarasoa Lodge is a pioneer of local ecotourism. Everything has been thought of in the smallest details to limit its impact on the environment. The hosts even propose the concept of perma-lodge to talk about their establishment: an accommodation that is perfectly integrated into its ecosystem, without negative impact on it. Thus, the architecture of the buildings has been designed to perfectly fit the local terrain. Each of your nights in the lodge is also offset by a tree planting in the local forest.

In addition to having a positive ecological balance, Tsarasoa Lodge is very well located on the island of Madagascar. Facing the Andringitra massif and in the national park of the same name, it offers a superb view of the region and plenty of activities.

Finally, the sports enthusiasts among you will be able to take on the numerous hikes, mountain bike trails or climbing, a famous discipline in the valley.

El Malon Base Camps, Argentine

The perfect address for a low-budget ecological vacation, the El Malon campground awaits you for a stay in perfect harmony with nature. This connection with the living is even called Pachamama in the region, in reference to the earth goddess of the Inca culture.

You won't need to pitch a tent to stay at this eco-friendly accommodation. The hosts have provided cabañas built from recycled materials to accommodate travelers.

Finally, to fully enjoy your interlude in symbiosis with nature, participate in the vegetable garden, yoga or meditation workshops offered by the hosts. One thing is certain: you will return fully rested and refreshed from your stay!

Azul Nomeolvides, Mexico

Located in the paradisiacal environment of the Bacalar lagoon, Azul Nomeolvides is 7 km from the nearest town. Spend your nights in one of the 6 cabins built on stilts from local materials.

The accommodations have been fragmented to fit the terrain and the local environment, but also to offer visitors splendid views of the lake.

Experience off-grid living at this ecolodge in Mexico. 100% of the electricity consumed is generated on site, wastewater is recycled and reused, and a maximum of waste is composted. The shape of the roofs was also designed to cool the interior without the use of air conditioning in order to limit energy consumption.

Kasbah Azul, Morocco

Located in the Palmeraie of the Drâa Valley, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, Kasbah Azul welcomes you in a hotel with a private oasis.

This charming and eco-responsible guest house has thought of everything to preserve the fragile ecosystem in which it is located. Thus, solar panels have been installed to produce electricity and heat the water. In this very dry region, oxygenation and phyto-purification systems allow for the treatment of waste water to be reused almost entirely in the watering of the vegetable garden.

Finally, the exceptional setting of this eco-responsible accommodation guarantees you rich and exotic activities:

  • A night in the Sahara desert to enjoy the breathtaking sunset on the dunes;
  • A meeting with Berber families to discover their know-how;
  • A refreshing walk to the waterfalls of Tizgui;
  • Or simply a well-deserved break by the pool or in the hammam of the ecological hotel.

Huma Terra, Sri Lanka

On this island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Huma Terra is waiting for you for an exotic stay. Sleep in one of the 5 tree houses and enjoy the view of the nature in the middle of the rice fields.

Powered by photovoltaic panels, with dry toilets and designed with ecological materials and furniture, your stay will allow you to fully experience an ecological lifestyle.

Finally, complete your experience with the discovery of the Ayurvedic center or explore the surroundings by bike.

Origins Lodge, Costa Rica


Discover Origins Lodge, a luxury ecolodge nestled in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Take a breath of fresh air on the banks of the Rio Celeste, a turquoise colored river caused by the volcanic activity of the region.

In this eco-responsible accommodation, stay in a large lodge with terrace and enjoy the sunsets. An outdoor pool heated by a wood fire also awaits you for relaxing evenings.

The architecture blends in perfectly with nature, especially thanks to the green roofs. You will have the impression to sleep in the middle of the forest but in all comfort.

Finally, for your meals, a French starred chef imagines the dishes from the organic garden of the ecolodge. To learn some of his secrets, he even offers cooking classes.

You now know our top 6 eco-friendly accommodations around the world. So which one makes you dream the most?

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Article written by Anaïs Maroteaux, SEO web writer

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