How to travel during the lockdown? The 8 best travel blogs

juin 23, 2022
La main du femme se promene sur une carte du monde posée sur une table. Autour un ordinateur, un passeport, un appareil photo, des lunettes de soleil et un cafe

After a first diversion through the television programmes that offer us escapades all over the world from our sofa, we continue our tour of solutions for those who are, like us, in need of discoveries and new cultures.

Today we propose you to put your suitcases on the web and to discover travel blogs. The net is full of millions of blogs in this category so I have selected a few for you, which already leaves you enough to travel around the world a good number of times.

Don’t hesitate to share your favourite blogs with us, I will complete the list with your suggestions.

The blogs I follow

  • The Globe Bloggers. Laura, Seb and their son Hélio take us along on their adventures, which are always focused on nature and human encounters. They are true ambassadors of sustainable tourism, which is probably why they are my favourite of the moment. They were kind enough to advise us on 3 responsible hotels that you can find on the website: Dar Hi Life, the Gîte de Granlieu and Orri de Planes. Moreover this year they put a lot of emphasis on holidays in France. So you will find plenty of ideas to discover our beautiful country.
  • One day one travel. What I like about this blog is that Franck and Richard offer ideas for itineraries. This often serves me as a basis for building my own trip. And above all, I owe them my wonderful stay in Florès, an unknown island in Indonesia but really worth visiting. I confess that without their travel stories I don’t know if I would have ever set foot there. With hindsight I am sure it would have been a pity to miss it.
  • On holidays again. I met Alexandra and Pierre virtually through Instagram recently. So I discovered their blog just as recently and I loved going with them this summer to discover their country, Switzerland and its beautiful landscapes.
  • La Girafe qui vole. Marlène is a lover of life and travel. She is also incredibly optimistic and this is reflected in her photos and articles. It is always a real joy to read her. She is a great specialist of Africa that she will tell you about in Merveille.
  • A family around the world. The friends’ blog: Soiz, Thierry and Maël (9 years old at the time). Relive their adventures step by step through their posts. A real moment of escape. Who knows, you might even want to try the adventure of a “round-the-world trip with your family”.

The essentials

  • Bruno Maltor. He’s a bit of a star of the profession. His stats on social networks are impressive but despite this he continues to make us discover the world with enthusiasm.
  • Bestjobers : Elisa and Max’s life changed when Elisa won the Best Job in the World competition. They had the chance to go to Australia for 6 months to promote one of the 6 major regions of this country. Indeed there are worse jobs out there! Since then, they have been fidgeting and sharing all their escapades with us.
  • L’oiseau rose : Camille has been taking us in her suitcases since she created this blog on the occasion of her 15 month world tour in 2012.

Those advised to me

  • Voyagez futé. When I was writing this post a friend recommended it to me. Camille is first and foremost a travel planner, which means that she organises your holiday for you. Her site is also full of information about destinations: when to go, what to see/what to do… Ideal for the organisation of your future holidays, because yes, one day we will be able to travel again!

I hope that I have introduced you to new accounts and that you have managed to get away from it all by reading their stories.Please share your favourite travel blogs with us so that we can expand this list!

See you soon for the rest of our confinement trips ?

Anne Chéné
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