The 10 podcasts that talk about travel

juin 23, 2022

Following my last survey on Instgram, this is the subject that came up and it’s a good thing: it’s also the one I had planned. Great minds meet great minds!

I must admit that until the first confinement, podcats were not my favourite subject. With all the time I was able to spend walking around on the internet with my part-time job and weekends locked up, I learned to discover and love them.

Since then I’ve even found the perfect time to listen to them: during my jogging. Until then I had the impression that I was wasting my time if I had to sit down to listen to them. While I’m running I feel like I’m going for a run with a friend and it really makes me pass the time. Sometimes I get tired before the end of the episode. I have to put my trainers back on quickly to get the rest of the story.

So here’s a selection of podcasts dedicated to the journey always to bring you a little escape from this confinement.

Those I listen to

  • Les globe blogueurs. I already told you about it in the article dedicated to travel blogs. Last year Laura launched the podcast “Les coulisses du voyages” where she gives us all her tips and tricks around travel. I particularly liked the episodes about holidays in France that came out in the spring. I am now looking forward to Season 2.
  • Bourlinguez Podcats is listening to travel stories. Twice a month Marc-Antoine receives travellers who are happy to tell us about a trip that has left its mark on them. A great opportunity to discover a destination through their adventures. They give us their experiences and anecdotes to help us organise our own trips.
  • La France Baladeuse. This is, as its name suggests, a podcast to help us discover the beautiful regions of France. We visit a region through the story of its inhabitants. They share with us their favourites and their addresses. Above all, they make us want to go and visit each of the territories told.
  • Voyageurs de demain. Hélène invites us to discover the stories of travellers, long term or not, who have decided to approach travel and tourism from another angle: more respectful. They are not stingy with advice so that we too can try the adventure of travelling differently.

The future podscats not to be missed

  • It is a podcast being produced by an Ethik Hôtes, The Keys to the gite, so it has a special flavour. Here Laura wishes to give us her advice and tips to start the adventure of opening a responsible accommodation. In addition, I’ll give you a preview: there will be an episode dedicated to Ethik & Trips.

Those that I haven’t had time to listen to yet but who give me the eye

  • La Bougeotte. This is a podcast for female travellers. Whether they travel alone or with friends, these women give us their travel stories, advice and tips so that other women can follow in their footsteps.
  • Je t’emmène en voyage. Alex Vizéo holds out his microphone to famous explorers, extreme sportsmen and women but also to lambda travellers like us but who have lived a trip / an experience that has transformed them.
  • Partir un jour is a podcast dedicated to the preparation of the trip. Here we give you a maximum of information to prepare your next trip and leave serenely towards your adventure.
  • Parents voyageurs is, as its name suggests, a podcast to give you the keys to travelling as a family. It consists of interviews with the families of travellers to give us advice on how to make this experience a beautiful memory for everyone: parents and children.
  • I discovered L’atelier bucolique this weekend and I like the pitch: it is about slow tourism and inspiring encounters.

Your suggestions

What I like about these podcasts is that many of the episodes are about travelling differently, about sustainable tourism, about experiences that are more natural, more human… a subject that, as you know, is close to my heart. So if you don’t know them, I hope that you too will make beautiful journeys by listening to them!For my part, I can’t wait to go back to the track to listen to the next episodes.And you listen to travel podcasts? What are your favourites?

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