The 10 cartoons that will take you on a journey

juin 23, 2022

How to travel during lockdown?

Today is Wednesday and it's the children's day! So we thought of them for our confined trip. And also a little bit to you: it will give you ideas of occupation for this weekend which looks rainy, at least for us. I'm also sure that there are also big kids among you, like us, fans of cartoons.

So for our stopover of the day, let's go to the couch for a responsible trip behind our TV screen!

As usual I have classified them in alphabetical order

Coco / Mexico

Miguel grows up in a family where music is forbidden but he dreams of becoming a famous singer, like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. He decides to secretly participate in a contest organized in his town. When he tries to steal a guitar from one of the graves in the cemetery on the night of the Day of the Dead, he finds himself sent to the kingdom of the dead.

The Princess and the Frog / New Orleans - USA

Tania is passionate about cooking and dreams of opening a gourmet restaurant in New Orleans. She devotes all her time and energy to it. Until she meets Prince Naveen who has just been turned into a frog by a wizard. He manages to persuade her to give him a kiss to make him regain his human aspect. The result will not be the one expected...

The Prince of Egypt / Egypt

In order to save her son from persecution by the Pharaohs, Moses' mother puts him in a basket on the Nile in the hope that he will be adopted. This was done by the Pharaoh's wife and mother of Ramses II, future Pharaoh. They will be raised as two brothers until Moses understands that he is Hebrew and decides to leave the palace to take refuge in the desert.

The Lion King / Tanzania

Simba, Mufasa's son, has an extraordinary destiny because he will take over from his father and become the king. However, Scar, Mufasa's brother, who has been the heir to the throne until now, does not see it the same way. He will therefore set up a stratagem to push Simba into exile and seize power. In his adventure he will meet Timon and Pumbaa who will help him grow up and become his new family.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold / South America - Peru, Bolivia

This is a series of 39 episodes about the discovery of America. We follow the adventures of a Spanish orphan, Esteban, who leaves Barcelona and embarks with the navigator Mendoza to discover the new world in the hope of finding his father who disappeared at sea. In his adventures he will meet Zia and Tao, his faithful friends.

Lilo and Stich / Hawaii

Lilo, a 6 year old girl, has been raised by her older sister since her parents disappeared. Without her consent, she takes in Stich, whom she thinks is an abandoned dog. In reality, he turns out to be an extraterrestrial creature as destructive as he is intelligent, who has fled his planet. He manages to hide his true identity until his creators arrive on Earth to find and destroy him.

Madagascar / Madagascar

Marty, a zebra at the Central Park Zoo in New York, dreams of wide open spaces and wild life. One night he decides to run away to make this dream come true. His friends Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria the hippo go looking for him and find him at the train station at the same time as the police. This is where the adventure begins and leads them, without wanting it, to Madagascar.

Mulan / China

The Hun are invading China. To counter this attack, the emperor decides that one man per family must join the imperial army. Mulan refuses to see her father leave, a former soldier who is now old and sick. During the night, she cuts her hair, puts on her father's armor and leaves for the base where her father was to be assigned.

Ratatouille / France

Remy is a rat who lives in the Parisian countryside and dreams of becoming a great chef. When he and his family are chased out of the house where they used to live by the landlady and find themselves all separated, he decides to head for Paris to try to live out his dream in the restaurant of his idol, the starred chef Auguste Gusteau.

Rio / Brazil

Blu is the last male of an endangered species of parrot. He can't fly, but that's no problem in his cage at Linda's house. That changes when he has to go to Rio to meet Perla, the last female of the species, who dreams of great adventures. He will end up literally taking flight to escape from poachers.

We hope that this trip to the heart of the cartoons has given you and your children a lot of fun. We also hope that it gave you some ideas to occupy yourself with your family for this 4th weekend of confinement that is coming.

Tell me everything: do you like cartoons? Which ones make you travel? I will complete this list with your suggestions.

Your suggestions




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