A week-end at Annecy in summer

juin 23, 2022
L'ancienne prison du centre ville d'Annecy entourée de ces canaux aux eaux truquoises et sous un très beau ciel bleu

After our first weekend in Annecy in October, we promised ourselves to come back in summer to enjoy the lake better. The first time it was cool and rather rainy so we just enjoyed the beauty of it. We didn't think we would come back so soon but 10 months later we are back at the starting point under a beautiful sun. Karine, the owner, kindly invited us to come back. It was for us the perfect proposal because it coincided with our road trip in Tuscany: we had planned to take the train to Annecy and to rent the car there. The perfect timing!

You can discover our first stay at Concept Cote Ouest Annecy on the article dedicated to it on the blog.

Présentation of concept Cote ouest


This second visit also allowed us to discover a second apartment. The first time we were in the Grand Larde on the 2nd and last floor. This time we were in the one called Horizon. It is located on the second floor and also offers, from the large balcony, a beautiful view on the lake. This is really one of the strong points of this responsible accommodation: the panorama on the lake. And I assure you that waking up or having an aperitif facing the lake and the mountains is magical. It makes you feel like you're on vacation right away.


Like the first time, the apartment has a bedroom separated from the living room and a very well equipped kitchen. It's really nice when you want to stay there for several days, and eat there sometimes, not to wonder about the content of the drawers.


I return on the reception, I already spoke about it in the previous post, but this autonomous check in it is really very practical. We don't ask ourselves any question about the arrival times, we manage.

However unlike the last time we had the opportunity to meet Karine and Olivier. They were absent during our first passage. They are in any case both adorable. If you meet Karine, who is in charge of the daily management of the facilities, she will always have a kind word and/or a smile. And if you don't meet her, she is easily reachable on her cell phone. She lives close by so if you need her, she will be available. So dematerialization is not always synonymous with dehumanization!

What to do during your weekend in Annecy

The activities proposed by Concept Ouest

There have been a lot of changes since our last visit. The bikes are still available for rent. However, they have added a cargo bike and several electric bikes.

In the welcome booklet there is also the phone number of a person who can come and give you a relaxing massage.

For the rest, the owners have joined forces with the Hotel Beauregard, which is located right next door, to offer a joint activity schedule with a daily proposal:

  • yoga
  • hikes
  • aperitif boat

We had the opportunity to participate in this last one. It was really a very nice moment of sharing and exchange with Karine and Olivier and also the other customers present. We were able to take a boat ride on the lake. It really allows to have a different vision, to see it differently. We had the choice between going towards Annecy or towards the more natural side. We chose the latter option and it was perfect: few people and a superb light at the end of the day. We were also able to swim in the area of the lake that they call the "little Florida" before having an aperitif and going back home.



When we were there in the fall, we visited the center and were very pleased. We obviously went back there. And there, surprise, there was also an exhibition in the street: Annecy Paysage. A bit like the exhibition during our weekend in Amiens which allowed us to visit the hortillonnages.

There were indeed many artistic installations scattered in the city center, along the canal. I love these initiatives, it's a way to discover the city differently!

The lake

The star here is him. Everything revolves around it, even the bike path! When we were here in October, we did a good part of it until the reserve at the end of the lake. This time we went on the other side, to Veyrier du lac by crossing Annecy. This allowed us to see the West Coast from the other side. Once again the road is very well done and secured. It is really ideal for cycling.

And then we also enjoyed the beaches. We were not going to the sea this year but we still wanted to be able to swim and rest. It was perfect. There are plenty of possibilities to rest around the lake: equipped beaches, grassy areas, pontoons... We tested the beach of Annecy le vieux and the one of Les Choseaux in Sévrier. We had a preference for the second one : there are less people and the grass is not burnt so it's more comfortable to lie down. However, at this place there are rocks to get into the water so if you have shoes don't hesitate to put them in your suitcase.


Skiing is also possible during your next weekend in Annecy

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