How to travel during lockdown? Top 10 travel TV shows

juin 23, 2022

I can already see you coming ” I remind you that we can’t travel, we’re stuck at home! ». And you are right. Physically indeed it is quite restricted, but the journey also happens in the head. Why do you think I like to organise my own trips so much? Because the 3 or 4 months before leaving, when I define the itinerary, select the things to see / to do, look for our Ethik Hotels and well, figure it out, it gives me the impression to have already left ! My head is already there, and it feels great.

Are you ready to travel differently ? I’ll take you in my suitcase? 1st destination: your TV! If I assure you, come on!

Here are the shows I recommend you and that will make you travel every time.

The ones I watch

  • Echappées Belles sur France 5. My favourite of all. Is it because the animators (who I find super nice by the way) have stayed in several Ethik Hotels (La Casa de Felix, Hotel Fljótshlíð, Terra Lodge)? Yes, maybe a little. Also because each time they propose us to go off the beaten track and they go to meet the inhabitants. It’s very rich, it always works on me, I always feel like I’m there with them.
  • Des Racines et des Ailes sur France 3. I rediscovered it this year during the first confinement. In each programme they offer us a trip to France. They honour a region of France, its riches, those who make it live… And it is there that we realise that we have a very rich country. In any case, it is a great opportunity to decide on the destination of our next holidays in France.
  • Au bout c’est la mer. It too on France 5. I discovered it this year and I loved the concept of following a river from one end to the other. The one hour format is great for those who don’t have much time. What’s more, François Pécheux, the presenter, makes me laugh.
  • Rendez-vous en terre inconnue. I confess that since Frédéric Lopez left, I don’t watch any more, but I haven’t missed one before. And I have shed tears before these rich encounters in places that are always superb.
  • Des trains par comme les autres. After the rivers, and as its name suggests, the idea here is to discover a region or a country thanks to trains. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel by train during your holidays, but each time it has allowed me to meet many beautiful people. I have a memorable memory in a train in Sri Lanka! And also, often, the railway lines offer exceptional views.

The one I don’t look at

For lack of time I can’t look at everything but there are others. It’s up to you to choose the one(s) that will make you dream the most.

Historical issues

Your suggestions

Not all of these programmes will be on this week, unfortunately. However there are plenty of videos available on the internet: Google is your friend. So go ahead, travel! And even though the human link is missing, we can’t be blamed for not travelling sustainably. In any case, I’m sure it will give you lots of ideas for your next holidays!

And you, do you travel from your couch with these programmes? Do you know others?

Next stopover, next week, same place!

Anne Chéné
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