How to travel during the lockdown? The top 10 travel films

juin 23, 2022

How to travel during lockdown?

We continue our journey comfortably installed at home. After the TV shows and the travel blogs, as it is Saturday we thought of concocting you a nice evening in front of your TV with a selection of movies that will make you travel. Once again this list is my list and can be enriched by your selection. Here are 10 feature films of all types to please everyone (road movies, introspection, musical, humor...).

In alphabetical order :

7 years in Tibet - Tibet

Just before the Second World War, the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer left, thanks to subsidies from the Nazi party, to conquer one of the still untouched peaks of the Himalayas. He was taken prisoner by the British at the Indian border. It is after his escape that his real adventure will take shape when he will end up meeting the Dalai Lama

Into the Wild - USA

Christopher McCandless, a young and brilliant graduate, has decided to put aside his career and his life to go on a road trip across the United States with the ultimate goal of reaching Alaska alone. Throughout this journey he will meet many people who will change his way of understanding life.

The beach - Thailand

A young American tourist, Richard, leaves to discover Thailand in the hope of living crazy adventures, far from the classic tourism. After a start far from his expectations, he ends up meeting Daffy who, before committing suicide, will give him the secrets of an island paradise where a community lives in autarky. He succeeds in convincing a French couple to accompany him in his adventure which will lead them to this isolated beach.

L'Auberge Espagnole - Spain

Xavier goes to Barcelona, as part of the European Erasmus exchange program, for his last year of study. He has to learn to speak Spanish in order to take a job his father found in a ministry. He takes us into his life in the Catalan capital with 7 other students from all over Europe.

Les randonneurs - Corsica

4 Parisian friends, looking for true love, decide to follow their friend Nadine who is leaving to join her lover. They have to meet in Corsica and tackle the GR20, the most difficult hiking trail in Europe. The difficulty will put their nerves to the test.

Lost in translation - Japan

An American actor, at the end of his career and penniless, flies to Japan to shoot a commercial. He hopes to earn some money and get away from his family. He will not adapt to the jetlag and will spend his time wandering in the hotel where he will meet Charlotte abandoned by her husband, photographer and in Tokyo to honor a contract.

Mama Mia - Greece

This is a musical comedy based on the songs of the Swedish group ABBA and shot on the fabulous Greek island of Kalokairi. Donna runs a hotel where her daughter and her fiancé are getting married. After reading her mother's diary, she invites three men to the wedding in the hope that one of them will be her father.

Eat, Pray, Love - Italy / India / Indonesia

Liz, who has everything to be happy on paper, can't find any meaning in her life. One day, she decides to leave everything behind and go on a journey to find herself. Her introspection starts in Italy to discover gastronomy (Eat), stops in an ashram in India (Pray) and seeks inner peace in Bali (Love).

Midnight in Paris - Paris

Gil, a successful Hollywood screenwriter, dreams of writing a novel about the Paris of the 1920s. While on vacation in Paris with his fiancée at her in-laws' house, things obviously don't go as planned: unable to finish his writing, he decides to go in search of the soul of Paris in those crazy years.

All the beauty in the world - Indonesia

Tina lost her husband in a tragic car accident. She can't get back on her feet after this tragedy and lives only on antidepressants. Her brother, worried, organizes for her with a friend a long trip to Bali in order for her to regain her taste for life and love.

If these trips make you want to discover these lands, after this confined period, I added each time the link to the eco responsible hotels that we have referenced in each country or region. So, now that you have the destination in mind, you will have the possibility to practice a sustainable tourism there during your next vacations!

And you, what are the movies that make you travel?

Your suggestions

  • Out of Africa
  • Australia
  • The Dream Life of Walter Mitty
  • Thelma & Louise Wild
  • Tracks
  • The Lover
  •  Easy Rider
  • Priscilla, crazy in the desert
  • Forrest Gump
  • Deliverance
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Terminal
  • Bagdad Café
  • One Week
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • The English Patient
  • Vicky Cristina
  • Barcelona
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Death in Venice
  • Roman Holiday
  • Travelogues
  • Frida
  • Buena vista social club
  • The last trapper
  • The descendants
  • Very bad trip
  • Gorillas in the Mist
  • Timbuktu
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • In the mood for love
  •  Paths to freedom
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