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juin 23, 2022

How to travel during lockdown?

December and the forward calendar are fast approaching. That soon means the end of our confined travels.

December and the forward calendar are fast approaching. That soon means the end of our confined travels.

So what better way than to bring you Instagram accounts of people who have decided to keep traveling? They were already gone when the pandemic broke out and they decided to keep living their dream! Therefore they make us live their adventures by proxy and I admit it makes me dream, so thank you to them!

Here are the ones I follow but there are probably others. If you know any, don't hesitate to tell me about them and I will add them in a section for your suggestions.

As usual, I have classified them in alphabetical order

Those who always travel

Bichette Voyage

Gwendoline and Thomas are in love with hiking and traveling. It is thus normal to find them on the paths of the world. After 1000 km in the Andes and then the discovery of Canada (the Rockies, the Yukon and Alaska), it is in New Zealand that they are currently settled thanks to the Working Holiday Program (WHP). During their free time, they take advantage of it to discover this beautiful country by trekking.

Ils voyagent

Follow the peregrinations of Pierre and Matthieu who left Paris to discover the world in August 2019. I discovered them during their stay in Mexico, envied them during their stop in Bacalar (one of my fondest Mexican memories) and now I can't wait to follow their steps in Colombia where they just arrived. I had the chance to go there almost 2 years ago and it's a rich and authentic country that really deserves a visit

Prends en dla Graine

The initial project of Astrid and Joseph was a tour of Europe, with Yoko (their dog) and Billy (their van), to meet positive initiatives in favor of the environment. They were supposed to leave in spring, the (yes it's always the for me and if you want to know why I'm stubborn don't hesitate to ask me!) so Covid pushed them to postpone to autumn. Considering the situation at that time the project did not take shape either. Nevertheless, they left for Portugal and since then they have been regaling us with their photos. Since yesterday they arrived in Spain!

Sam fait voyager

Always the Van Life but in a completely different region, we change of scenery and we go to meet Laura, Thibault and Sam (their van) in Norway. In addition to shower us with photos all more superb than the others, they tell us without filter their adventures and it is often very funny. Thanks to them for this freshness and their touch of humor!

The ones who just got home and still have pictures to share with us

It was not planned in my program at the beginning of the month but the following 2 accounts just came home! I'm sharing them with you anyway because it seems that they still have tons of unpublished photos and videos to share with us. The journey continues!

My Nomad Project

Anissa and Stéphane had left to hitchhike to Australia. They continued in the spring despite the Covid but after several weeks in Turkey, which they loved, the closing of the borders and a fracture for Stéphane got the better of them. They have just announced to be back. More than their Instagram account it is their Youtube channel that I advise you to follow, it seems that new videos are coming soon!

Wait and Sea

Chrys and Alex visited South America for 14 months. They shared with us their daily pictures, their adventures and especially their problems with Leon (their van) but always with a lot of lightness. Their adventure ended last week to start a new one: the construction of a tiny house.

The one who does not travel but makes us travel


Yes I deviated a bit from the initial theme but this account created on October 1st, by Raphaël de Casabianca, presenter of RDV en terres inconnues (I told you about it at the beginning of our travels), is really worth the detour. It is a travel media and they treat us with sublime pictures! So subscribe to this account, it's free and it makes you dream.

I hope that these trips in the heart of travelers' Instagram accounts you liked and also gave you the impression to discover the world from your home !

Do you know any other travelers still on the road who could complete this

who could complete this list and continue to make us dream of travel? and continue to make us dream of travel? And you, are you ready to to set off again on the roads of the globe?

Picture by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

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