Carnet de Voyage des Explor'acteurs: Slow Tourism in Touraine - a weekend 10 kilometers from home!

juin 24, 2022
Photo d'une toue amarrée en bors de loire et a son bord deux vélos. De l'autre côté de la rive des maisons le long du fleuve

Ah the magic of social networks! It's thanks to them that I had the chance to meet Marie from the great account Perspectives de Voyage. Marie is both a travel planner, she will be happy to organize your next trip, and a travel blogger. Seeing her regularly sharing her photos of excursions, I proposed her to participate in the explor'acteurs travel diary! What a nice surprise when she proposed to talk about her micro adventure and her slow tourism escapade in Touraine.

A change of scenery at the end of the street

When Anne asked me to write for the Explor'acteurs blog, I knew right away that this was the trip I was going to write about. This is not a trip like the others. It's a special trip that I took in the summer of 2021... Right next door to me! That summer, I decided to visit the Indre et Loire region by bike for a weekend. But not just any part of the Indre et Loire. I chose to visit the Touraine region within a 10 kilometer radius from my home. To practice the slow tourism and to take the time to look at what surrounds me with a new look. And I must admit that I did not expect such beautiful discoveries...

Practicing slow tourism close to home

There are 1000 ways to practice slow tourism. Whether you live in a big city or in the countryside, you just have to take the time to soak up the richness of what surrounds you. To get to know the actors of your territory. To admire nature, on foot or by bike. To discover the flavors of your region.

And it's a good thing, I live in a beautiful region: La Touraine. More precisely, I live in the territory of Montlouis-Vouvray, located in the east of Indre et Loire. A small corner of France known for its vineyards, its heritage and its bucolic nature. If you live further away and still want to discover all these wonders, check out our selection of responsible accommodation in the Centre region.

I already knew all the places I visited that weekend. But this time, I discovered my territory in a different way: through the passionate actors who make it live and make it particularly endearing.

Touraine, the ideal region to learn about slow tourism

If you are also a fan of slow tourism, maybe you should consider coming to Touraine. It must be said that the destination lends itself particularly well to slow tourism, with its mythical bicycle paths such as the Loire à vélo which will take you from chateau to chateau. But the one that I prefer and that I recommend is rather the bike route along the Cher river, more intimate and in my eyes, even more beautiful. 

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It may be the opportunity to sail on the Cher River aboard a traditional futreau and to meet the Mariners of the Jean Bricau, these enthusiasts will make the experience an unforgettable moment.

On the Loire, you can let yourself be tempted by a canoe descent from Amboise, a gentle and pleasant way to discover the wild river and to observe the numerous birds that populate its islands.

The eastern part of Touraine is also famous for its wines, Montlouis and Vouvray, which can be tasted directly at the producers or in the cooperatives of the region. This is notably the case at the Château de Valmer, which I recommend you visit for its beautiful gardens and bucolic setting, but also to discover the wines of the domain. My favorite: the moelleux, which you can taste directly under the sun, on the terrace of the castle. And while you are there, do as I did and take a ride on an electric scooter through the vineyards!


If you are a wine tourism enthusiast, you can continue your discovery in the numerous cellars of Montlouis and Vouvray. Do not hesitate to push the doors and meet the producers. Most of the time, the tasting is offered.

Did this slow tourism weekend in Touraine make you want to discover this region too?

Anne Chéné
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